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Want to play video games, test your mental skills, relax and have a fish pedicure, get your toddlers to enjoy in a soft play area, have a 5D experience or have some coffee and delicious sandwiches on a rooftop? If you want to do any of these, you just need to visit us at Amigos and leave the rest to us.

Started 3 years back, Amigos, a part of the Electronica SRP Group is one of its kind entertainment centers in Pune catering to individuals of all ages. With the most innovative and interactive world-class entertainment equipment in India, Amigos guarantees to transport your mind to a fantasy world that you never knew existed.

Along with providing a world of entertainment for self-enjoyment, Amigos also provides consultation & support for setting up business in the entertainment arena. Services such as giving space for rent, Setting up gaming zones, building the interior, etc. is provided by Amigos which is extremely helpful to those who want to setup their own gaming center.

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Lazer Tag

Lasers have never been more exciting than this. Are you a sci-fi movie buff? Then laser tag is just the game for you. Arm yourself with a laser gun and get ready for some action-packed fun with your buddies.

Be the Star Wars hero you always wanted to be and play counter strike in real. Divide yourselves into a team and get ready to strike. Enjoy shooting laser beams at your amigos in a futuristic, visually exciting, real time high tech arena enclosed in 700 sq. ft. You are sure to have an exhilarating time.

Pool Table

Grab a cue, step up to the table and sharpen your pool skills with this alluring game that will make you lose track of time. Our state of the art pool tables are set up on the roof top, thereby providing you with a one of a kind scenic view, which will give you a feel of escaping the city while you in it. Along with playing the game you can also quiche your thirst and fill your tum, with the delicious refreshments provided by our food court. Looking for a good gaming adventure with your friends? Come it’s time to show them who the real pool shark is!

Kids Zone

Amigos has something for everyone. Watch your kids squeal with delight in our Soft Play area. Crammed with themed playground, slides and bouncy castles, Amigos offers an ideal environment for using up your child’s excess energy. At Amigos we believe safety comes first for your family. Our Soft Play area if is designed with high safety standards for everyone right from babies and toddlers to older kids.

Our Soft Play Area is not only designed for entertainment but also for your kids to lay, learn, think and grow. So come explore our various play options and watch your kids run, jump, climbing and crawl!

Special Attraction


Presenting a one-of-a-kind 5D Theater in Pune, an addictive, adventurous, enthralling, and unique experience! Expose yourself to a near-reality ride of a lifetime in which reality and fantasy exist in the same place, as you go through a myriad of incredible places you have never seen before.

Feel the rush of wind through your hair as you take a rollercoaster ride through mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and caves. With a seating of 10 per screening in the 5D Theater, your entire gang can have a joyride of a lifetime. So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the 5D experience!

Lazer Maze

Be it Tom Cruise or Catherine Zeta Jones or the ultimate action hero James Bond, they’ve all tamed the thrilling Laser Maze. Grab your chance to step into their shoes. Enter the captivating world of arcade-style laser maze. Take up the challenge to complete the mission of coursing through sensitive lasers radiating from the walls. Weave your way through a maze of laser beams in less time and be the highest scorer.

This laser quest is an individual game. Show your friends how deft you are. So jump, crawl, bend, climb, or sliver, choose your move to navigate through the beams without breaking them. You will be addicted to try it again!

Fish Pedicure

Your feet definitely deserves better treatment than you are already giving it. Treat yourself with a revitalizing & tingling relaxation experience of "Fish Pedicure" only at AMIGOS by allowing the harmless fishes to chew away the dead skin off your feet.

Due to our high standards of hygiene maintenance, we assure you of the best service. Visit us now as AMIGOS and experience the oceanic relaxed experience.


Birthday Parties

Celebrate your big day with gusto! Step into Amigos for an animated, fun-filled celebration with exuberant music, merriment, and laughter. Be it a first or one of the many, we have special packages for every birthday.

An Amigo birthday is an exclusive affair as it is only here at Amigos, that your birthday is replete with both food and games under one roof. Titillate the taste buds of your guests, as we offer a customized menu keeping in sync with the very nature of customized games at Amigos.

We offer the kind of food that sets the mood of the party. Take a pick from our varied cuisine that has the best choice from delectable snacks to a 5-course meal.

Corporate Events

Beat the stress with Amigos! Want us to inject energy in your corporate synergy? Need more fun to make your company event into an unforgettable occasion? Amigos is your best bet!

Try different ways of team building with Amigos' exciting activities. Compete as a team and build new team bonding strategies with games like Bowling, Counter Strike, and Laser Maze. Bond with your colleagues over laser tag or share some girly gossip over fish pedicure, Amigos has it all.

We help you host an array of corporate events that all your colleagues will definitely enjoy.

Outdoor Events

At Amigos we provide dynamic Outdoor Events and Birthday Party solutions. We arrange everything from start to end. From food to keeping your guests entertained, we do it all. Our outdoor events have become very popular amongst people seeking to have an adventurous time. We can plan a unique themed party for your guest and deliver to give them an experience of their lifetime.

Amigos rent out customized inflammable and adventurous games for people of all ages. Our games can be setup almost anywhere and in any type of event.

So Challenge your colleges or family member over a game and give them memories that they will cherish forever!

You can choose from wide range of outdoor games like:

  • Climbing Walls

  • Slide Bouncy

  • Ball Bouncy

  • Air pressure rocket

  • Inflammable obstacle course

  • Bungee Run

  • Body Zorbing

  • Boxing

  • Sumo wrestling & Many More!!!


Amigos is a non-de-script place in town that might surprise the hell out of anyone not expecting what they do.The place is done up like part of the Star Ship Enterprise with a big holographic image from star trek. Its already popular with teenagers as it is, you could add me and my team at Intel to it as well.
Sid Moghe

Ive never seen a place like this..its ultimate fun...Games like Laser maze and Laser tag were amazing..5D was gr8..i loved Chicken Satay and Wraps..Im just waiting for my b'day TO COME so that I can celebrate it @ Amigos...AMIGOS ROCKSSSSS.....:)

Had a great experience at Amigos...food is just awsm....especially their wraps & burgers..... Gr8 ambiance & service........


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Jungle Safari

5D Experience of your choice for just Rs.200
Smart Keyboard

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Recharge of 750 & get Rs.250 Extra